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I am thinking of selling the car over Jan/Feb next year, but then thought it will just be in my garage gathering dust over then so thought I would just gauge interest to see if anyone in the close future was interested.


Nissan Skyline R32
Air Con
Electric Windows
5 Speed Manual

Service History

Imported myself in November 2005
Oil and filter change - 48592kms
Cambelt and oil pressure sender (RB Motorsports) - 48883kms
Rear Rack arms & Hicas lock bar (RB Motorsport) - 48901kms
New Plugs - 49928
DBA Grooved and Vented from Discs 310mm & new standard pads - 50904kms
Oil and Filter Change - 51464kms
Splitfire Coils - 53244

56000kms, and I will be doing the oil and filter, fuel filter, and plugs again in the coming weeks.

Vehicle Mods - Cosmetic

17inch Desmond Regamaster alloys - Lightweight
225/40/ZR17 Tyres
Jun front lip spoiler
Nismo bonnet lip
Nismo N1 Projector Headlamps
Nismo Intercooler vents
Jun Aeo Mirrors (electrical)
Trust Rear Spats
Painted Red Calipers with Nissan in White (looks good and breaks up all the white)
Nismo rear Lip Spoiler
Blacked rear screen and rear 1/4 glass
Darkened front drop glass
Veilside Gearknob and Handbrake lever
Speckle red painted Cam Covers, Filter elbows, Strut brace ends
Blitz Boost Gauge
Blitz EGT Gauge

Vehicle Mods - Handleing

Front and Rear strut braces (rear Jun Carbon)
Nismo lower anti roll bars
Nismo Lower arms (Rear)
Nismo Top arms (front and rear)
Nismo 'O' Rings (rear)
Nismo Track rod ends
I think there is more Nismo suspension parts but will check the change the tyres.
Ohlins Shockers and springs (comes with top mounts too)
Hicas rear lock bar

Vehicle Mods - Engine and drivetrain

Blitz Air filters
Nismo N1 Turbos
HKS Actuators
HKS Hardpipes
Huge Trust Intercooler
HKS twin sequential BOVS
Upgraded Crank (confirmed by Rod @ RB Motorsport)
Splitfire Coils
HKS Super Dragger cat back exhaust
HKS Oil Cooler
HKS Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Cusco oil Catch Can
Cusco Brake Servo Brake
HKS Twin Plate Clutch - Carbon friction plates (grinding noise when engaged - Quite heavy)
HKS balanced Flywheel
Standard 5 speed box (started to crunch from 3rd to 4th at high revs)

Vehicle Mods - Electronics

Remapped Standard ECU
Apexi RSM
Bee-R Rev Limiter
Blitz EGT gauge
Blitz Turbo Timer
Skylab Torque Split Controller - Not fitted yet

The car is running boost @ 1bar and RB think its about 420HP. The engine is very healthy running 5bar oil pressure when cold and 2.5 when warm. I bought an Apexi Power FC & Commander for the car for Rod to fit and map but he said that the current map on the car is perfect, and he wouldnt be able to better it. I was told the car was mapped by Zeni-Tani in japan but have no proof of this.

The car performs excellently, running a 1/4 mile of 12.3 @ 112MPH only running 1bar. The rear interior has been stripped as well as all boot carpet. I still have all interior and spare wheel/tool kit etc.

No expense spared when modifying and servicing this vehicle. I have spent thousands with RB Motorsports alone in the past 12 months.

The idea was to get the gearbox sorted, service, new rear discs and pads and new bridgestone SO3's all round over the X-Mas period.

I love this car and is a very regrettable sale, I am in no rush to sell the car. I am not sure what price I want for it at present, but am open to offers, but please repect the car with no silly offers.

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