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This is really starting to frustrate me. I have a 1992 R32 GTR, it has been misfiring for some time now. Some days I get no noticeable miss, other days the whole car is shaking, feels like I'm inside a washing machine.
I have replaced the coilpacks, coilpack loom and the ignitor. Each time it seemed to fix the problem but it came back within a few days.
Last week I replaced the sparkplugs, with the NKG coppers in a heatrange 7. BKR7E or whatever they are. Gapped to 0.8mm. It ran the best it ever has for a few days then misfiring again.
I thought I had it sorted yesterday so I took it out to the drags. Misfired all through the upper revs, above maybe 5000 for 3 of the runs. One of them it misfired through the entire rev range and on one run it had no misfires, I pulled a pb of 12.9.
The car is pretty much stock. I'm running the spark plug mentioned and have replaced the parts mentioned also. In addition to this, it has a 3" catback exhuast and has been de-catted. I have also removed the boost line restictor ball. The ECU us showing an error code 21 for the ignition system. Pretty much all of that has been replaced, the only thing left is the wiring between the ecu and the ignitor.
So where do I go from here? Is there any issues with running a decat? Does it mess up the ecu because of the 02 sensor? I might test the coilpacks and ignitor with a multimeter, what is the method to test them and what results should I be getting?

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