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I have found an R32 GTR V-Spec.
I am under the impression that some people wanted one on here and this one seems like a real bargain. This sale has nothing to do with me but I just found it and thought I would post it up.
NISSAN SKYLINE GTR V SPEC (R32) 90 G gun metallic, 400+ BHP, variable boost, exhaust upgrade, chip induction kit, big intercooler, 17'' alloys, £1000's spent on this flying machine £9995 Calder Motor Co. Tel: 01506880411
Here's a pic:


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Hi there R34_GT-t

Saw your thread and was very interested being an R32 fan.:) :)

The R32 in V-Spec form over here is very rare.

I only know of one, owned by Morris Reaves, under 'owners cars'.

Unfortunatly what we have here is not a V-Spec.:eek: :eek:

If you look at Shins Prospec (,
site you will see they didn't come out until 1993, and the V-Spec II in '94.:(

Oh well.:(
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