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As some of you may know, in the back of the R32 GTR workshop manual is a wiring diagram. It is spead over 15 or so sheets of A4 paper and very difficult to read.

Anyway, whislt in the process of making the R33 wiring diagram, I jointed all the R32 pages together and printed it out on a 1600mm x 420mm roll. I did it to help out a friend in need. Suprisingly, it's fairly good. When looking at single A4 pages it difficult to see but when joined up it all comes together (No pun intended).

The wiring diagram covers GTR and GTS-4, manual/auto etc. Unlike the R33 diagram, there is no index etc, but being in english its easy to find items.

I have not cut it onto pages, it comes complete on a roll (which I think it easier to read) with the schematic on one side and loom on the other. The E-TS, HVAC, doors etc come on a sperate sheet. Posting in a 420mm long cardboard tube.

The price is £17 posted in UK
£20 for overseas.
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