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Hi everybody
been a member on here for quite a while but never really posted as nothing useful to say :D
ive decided to try and stick with one car for once than jump between a silvia or a skyline

anyway my names Si
a few of you might allready know me as ive been tinkering with nissans for the last 8 years and ive spent around the same amount of time in the drift scene, but recently decided to go back to basics and do alot more track time and a few drift days too

ive been looking for another r32 gtst for a while after building my old white one and getting bored of s-bodys

ive got pics and stuff to add here i just cant post pics untill ive got 15 posts for some reason

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Well ive been looking for another r32 gtst for a while after building my old white one and getting bored of s-bodys

how it started

when i was done(ish) with it

after spending a few months searching the uk and ireland i didnt find anything that was either a decent enough spec or wasnt destroyed / rottern

after speaking to a few old friends i decided theres more choice in japan
another 3 months pass after looking on japanese used cars twice a day i decided on this

well it was a nightmare from the get go
car was listed 6hours before it went to auction
juc said they wouldnt have time to view or bid but i asked nicely and they went and bit for me
few hours later i win the car :D
well then it went bad again, after a few days i got a message from juc saying they cant get the car taken to the port yet
reason being that it was too low for a transported and also because it was in the far north (where theyre a bit backwards/ inbred) they also coundnt find a garage to raise the car
well 60,000 yen later for a special transporter it gets too the docks

after a few weeks i get the date to say what boat its on and when its due
its supposed to land in southampton on the 12th of january 2014
it didnt, after talking to kleerfreight they told me the 16th of january ??
so i call up the shipping company on the 8th of january and guess what
its been at the docs since yesterday :(
so i panic and pay stuipid amounts to a friend to go get the car now as i couldnt collect on the weekend like planned

we get to the docks after 2 hours sitting in traffic due to 5 ships coming in the same time and the fun begins again
the papers were all in order
but we had to wait on some woman in the shipping company main office to send a email to the guys at the port saying all customs and stuff had been paid
well she didnt for another 3 hours (long lunch break)
while waiting i was chatting to the guys that move the cars, and they said it was driven onto the boat (great news)

well after the long wait we went over too the car and thats where my heart sank
sorry i didnt take pics i was now tired and really upset
the car was in a right state
it wouldnt start, so we tryed to jump start nope no luck
the front bumper was broken in 8-9 places atleast
front passanger wing had a big dent
front passanger side light broken
intercooler dented beaten and hanging by the pipes
curbing in all 4 wheels (fresh)
soo many scratchs all over, just to name a few
anyway we winched it onto the trailer and took it home

i went up the next day to try and get it running
charged the battery overnight and brought a jerrycan full of shell v-power
nope it now runs on 2 cylinders out of 6
a new set of spark plugs and she runs :D
but the coilpacks are arking out

so here we are in feb
ive bought a set of splitfires to fit to it
spent 2 days pulling out wires that wasnt attached at either end
spent a few £££ on upgrades which ill take pics of when im putting them on
the front bumper is on its way to life again :) things are starting to look up

the front trial too see how much of a pull the arch needs

side view

rears not too bad either


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Thanks Jonny
I'm not too upset and I would import another
It's a really well built car when you look past the wiring and cosmetics
And has a lot of goodies on it that I've not mentioned

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Yeah it's getting there slowly
Fail wiring mostly removed
Got to find somebody good to remove my rear screen as there's rust
And a pin hole of it on the roof
Found the osf lower balljoint is dead and has killed the tie rod end
Does anybody know if the balljoint is the same r32-r33 and s13-15 as I've a pair laying around

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Such a shame it came over in that state bud, looks nice in the pics but good on you for carrying on! Did the importers take no responsibility for it or was it all on you?

Best of luck with it anyways bud, will be watching this :)


P.s - if you're after a new front bumper for it I have a Do-Luck style one left over from my gtst, no use to me now as I have a gtr, just give me a shout if so!

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thanks for the kind words guys :)

had a few hours to play with it yesterday
removed the hid kit that i couldnt get a bulb for and fitted a new one
broke the bulb on the same side of the new kit (well the wire fell out)

managed to get my gauges lit up and working but didnt leave the car running long enough to check all of them, atleast the engine has oil pressure lol

front wing is off getting the dent removed
might paint the front bumper and bits on pay day

still need to replace
o/s/f lower balljoint and tie rod end
new egt sensor
find a white greddy boost guage
fit a rb25det aircon setup
change all the oils
fit the splitfire coilpacks
flare all the arches
wire in a diffrent turbo timer, boost controller, guages and the headunit
replace all speakers
find sombody that will supply and fit a cat 1 alarm
get it on the road
and check how its running on a rolling road :( as i think it needs a map

and do all that while trying to fix the gf's r33

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ok got some more done today and have had a quick look around too see what bits it has

original spec from japan
full aero
led rear lights
lsd (might sell this)
diffrent turbine
bride front seat
greddy boost controller

they didnt even tell me what suspension its on
what ive found is
hks 2530
hks turbo timer (removed)
apexi coilovers
5 stud conversion
15mm front hub spacers with longer studs
larger calipers
unknown rad
greddy guages, oil temp, pressure and egt (broken sensor)
nismo front arms
thicker anti roll bars

car going up :)

removed the shagged n/s/f lower balljoint and tie rod end
i forgot how much of a pig it is to get the lower one out

and then fitted the new ones,

engine bay needs a tidy up soon
but ill be stripping the car down over winter so will paint lots of bits then :)

so close with the wiring :)

i guess this isnt a remappable ecu?

but im wondering if its worth selling the hks turbo and just running a stockish turbo with a stage blah blah chip?

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small update, im kinda stuck with the car as ive gone and took the turbo and 2way diff off
which means i cant roll the arches or make it work better

reason ive removed them is simply funds and practicality
i dont need a fancy 2 way, after skidding for 8 years its not high on my list/
the turbo hasnt got a map to run it, or 555 injectors or a z32 afm which would cost me alot to get running, where as i got a stake 1 chip anf just need a hybrid turbo and pow, instant fun

plus i could use the cash to put it on the road :)

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wow its been over 2 months since i worked on the car

i spent 10hours on saturday fitting my rebuilt turbo dynamics turbo and new kinguwahwah braided lines which are actully quite good
all though i spent ages looking for tools and cleaning / painting pipes and loctite-ing the joins in the feeds to prevent them leaking later on
i was expecting to bin the when i seen the blingy banjo bolts that looked like alloy in the bag
they are quite good but ill edit this if they die in 3months time :)
only thing that annoyed me is its not the full line on the top water feed, and so i left quite a bit of the oem pipe just incase it bursts at the joint to the braided line
heres what i got Turbo Oil & Water Line Kit 6AN Line Nissan Skyline RB25DET with Stock T3 Turbo | eBay
(£48 delivered) and no vat or import charges made me very happy
sorry i didnt take any pics and the quality sucks because i used my phone but heres a pic of my engine bay now

ive got some wringkle red paint and new rocker cover gaskets to do soon, i cant decide if i should paint the silver pipes gloss black or polish them all up and get some red samco joiners

the only thing im bothered about is when i strip the car down to refurb it i wont want much black in the engine bay so i can spot issues sooner, but i really dont want to be polishing the engine bay every week :)

i seriously need to get a decent front facing plenum before i get it mapped

today ive spent 6-ish hours doing the electrics (never again)

i did take apart the gauge cluster to install some plazma dials but got a tad nervous about how the pointers come off, so cleaned up the plastic on the inside and out and put it back together

it looks a bit OTT with the guages, but i love my 90mm boost gauge and i might remove the 42mm one next to the boost controller and fit some switchs
although i like to look after a car i tend to drive it hard when i can :)

next is to fit a r33 diff when i get some poly bushes for the front of it and fit my nardi
then its all running, just and alarm and making it road legal and some paint :D
i would like to replace the oem pipes in the engine bay at some point as theyre very brittile
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