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I have recently been having problems with my drivers side headlight. Both work when using main beam, but on dipped beam the passenger side works fine but the Drivers side works when it wants to.

I have tried searching for information and everyone mentiones that the headlight switch is a known issue with the R32.

Here is a "How To" even though it is fairly simple, it may help someone......
(Sorry about the poor photo quality I cannot find my camera so these are from my phone)

Start by removing the 4 visible screws on the dash surround. Then remove the 4 screws on the lower dash to uncover another 3 screws. There is also one more screw on the RHS hidden by the door if shut.

I have a boost gauge on top of my steering column so i seperated the upper and lower surrounds for extra room (4 screws visible from the top).

Pull the dash surround towards you (check that you haven't missed any screws) and unplug all of the switches (wipers, lights, rear heated screen etc)

Pop off the button from the headlight switch - Just give it a pull (otherwise you will not be able to get the switch out of the surround)

Once you have the surround free from the dash you will have more room to get a screwdriver in to remove the switch (it is held in by 3 small screws)

I used a small screwdriver to split the switch, you can see the 3 electrical contacts that act like a seesaw when the switch is turned (carefull with the 3 black "cams" on the LHS part of the switch in the image, they may spring out).

Get some wet and dry and give all of the contact areas a good clean up (I also did the pins in the connector). Once you are happy that everything is clean pop the switch back together, plug the switch back in to check the headlights before refitting all of the dash.

Refit the dash surround and admire your working headlights.
(Sorry about the state of the front end, the original bonnet lip started to go wavy. Got a new on to go on at some point).


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Great write up Chris. I keep a spare switch ready to put into the car. Since doing that, I have not had a problem:chuckle:
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