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Some Parts Still Available, here's the latest list:

-2001 R34GTR RB26DETT complete engine 28,000 miles FNSH, to include oil and water pumps. £3800
-R34 Std Radiator £100
-R34 Std Brembo front brake calipers with discs £750
-R34 Std Fuel Pump EBAY START £10
-R34 Std Fuel Pressure Regulator £25
-R34 Std Injectors £100
-R34 Std Coil Packs £100
-R34 Std ECU £100
-R34 Std Exhaust EBAY START £10
-R34 Std Fuel Pump EBAY START £10
-R34 Std Suspension EBAY START £99
-R33 Std Gearbox 33000 km, Redline HD Shockproof, smooth operation EBAY START £599
-R33 Nismo Twinplate Clutch with Nismo Friction Plates, 1000 road miles..EBAY START £499
-R33 Ignition Switcher £25
-R33 Hicas ECU £50
-R33 drivers door, everything except doorcard (white) EBAY START £89
-R33 Offside B-pillar trim EBAY START £4.99
-R33 Glovebox EBAY START £9.99
-R33 Lights and Wiper Control Stalks EBAY START £39
-R33 Front Strutbrace EBAY START £39
-R33 Splitfire Coilpacks, mint with around 1000 road miles £250
-R33 Front Diff £150
-R33 Viscous Fan EBAY START £10
-R33 Front Antirollbar and Underbody Brace EBAY START £10

thanks for looking.
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