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As title, I have a 3" bore cat back full stainless system for sale.

This appears to be a custom made system and the welding on it is spot on, it came on the car when it was imported from japan im told.

Anyway as you can see it's a little bit different from the norm, and as such I am open to sensible offers on it.

It's in great condition and just needs a clean up.

As for sound, it is very very smooth sounding at low rpm, nice burble to it, but under full chat it sounds very alive, not silly loud just enough to let people know it's time to get out of ya way ;)

Infact it sounds better than the system I have replaced it with, but the tail pipes just don't do it for me :(

Anyway if you don't like the tail pipes I have been told they could be cut off and a jap style pipe welded in place without too many worries.

Here are a could of pics of it fitted to my GTR, if you want any pics of it now it's been removed let me know and I'll sort some out.

As said open to SENSIBLE offers

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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