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Someone would know about these data or where I can find them?

- Spring travel from bumpstop to bumpstop
- Bumpstop thickness
- Spring free length (free length is just 0 load, not the absolute max length)
- Motion ratio of rear
- Damper Rate and Spring Rate

CAD/3D Models or Blueprints of the Stock Suspension would be very useful too.

I'm trying to simulate an R33 V-Spec in the Assetto Corsa (its a Racing Simulator) as accurately as possible, but for this I need these data. I did a 3D model from scratch and now we need complete the physics.

Some of these data can be obtained by measurements in your own R33.But it would need that it have stock suspension parts/springs.

I even have access to a GTR33 but it's modified, it would not help now since we are starting with a stock model.

I'm doing this for non-profit purposes, soon my AC's R33 Mod will be released to the public for free in the RaceDepartment Community

By my rank here I can't post any link or image. But for those who know the RaceDepartment community, just search for ECR33 or BCNR33 that you found the WIP mod thread, I' doing both R33 GT-R and GTS25/T. So data from GTS will also be welcome, but at this point we are focused on finishing the GT-R.

Thank you in advance.
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