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Nissan Skyline R33 GTR (1996) Set of 4 std alloys 17", these have Goodyear F1 GSD3 tyres fitted.

The tyres that were on the front have 7mm tread, the inner edges are more worn to about 4-5mm (camber was out) the rear tyres are 6mm across.
Tyre size is 245/45x17, these are fully 'E' marked up with DOT numbers and made in Germany (not the rubbish chinese 1's)
These were fitted Feb 09 and cost £500! (receipt to prove)

These are not mint alloys with a few chips on the paint and some kerbing present, although it's not excessive.
(the worst one can be seen in the photo)

Anyone on here want them for £375?

link here to the pictures: Nissan skyline R33 GTR Alloy wheels with Eagle F1 tyres on eBay (end time 28-Feb-10 18:05:16 GMT)

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