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Hi can someone help me with some advice. My recently brought R33 GTR is pulling to the left. It has completely standard suspension and set up. In fact the car is completely standard except for an aftermarket exhaust. Today I took it to Avia Engineering Bridgend for Andy to look at. He has found that the front camber is out on the near side and as it is all standard there isn't any way to adjust it to bring it all in line. He says it is likely that at a time before I had it, it has had a hefty knock against the nearside wheel which has bent something (I put the standard R33 GTR wheels on it when I got it, it had aftermarket wheels on it before then). He has suggested I fit aftermarket arms which will be adjustable or go for a complete suspension upgrade with new coil overs etc. Can anyone give me advice as to which is the best way forward, what parts would be best to replace and which make would be best to go for.
The car is used as my main transport and is driven on local roads and motorways, I do not take it on track days or go totally mad when driving it as I need to keep my licence although it is soooo tempting.
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