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Hi guys, just about to put some HKS adjustable actuators on my r33 gtr, my old ones are tired and weak apparently, so my boost is only at 0.6 bar.

While I am there, I'm thinking of replacing the Vacuum pipes with new, but not routed back around the block like the stock hard vacuums, my reason is as follows;

My issue is the pipe that goes from the end of the pcv valve on the drivers inner wing and round the back of the engine appears to have a blockage somewhere.

I have been told that this is fine to vent this as it is simply a return (nothing to do with the control of the turbos)

Does anyone have a pic or diagram of where the vacuums go to? I have seen a couple of pictures online but the quality isnt great. Even a hand drawn pic would be fab!

ive attached a pic , if anyone wants to join the dots so to speak? or add any
Any help or suggestions would be great.

Many thanks


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