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R33 GTR/R34 GTT Clutch Kit & Lightened Flywheel. Will throw in the braided clutch line FOR FREE
Copied from the original advert (R33 GTR uses the same pull clutch as the R34 GTT)
Complete Clutch Kit- Conceptua Tuning
Uprated Stage 2 Organic Kit-
With Lightened Flywheel !
Competition Clutch
Conceptua Tuning offer this uprated Stage 2 Competition Clutch Clutch Kit complete with Lightened Flywheel for R33 GT-R Skylines with the RB26DETT engine. These Clutches are Pull Clutchs. This kit has been produced to offer strong engagement thanks to its improved steel backed friction disc, complimented by stronger clamp load from the uprated clutch cover.
R33 GT-R Skyline- RB26DETT

PULL Clutch
Stage Two Uprated Organic Clutch Kit from Competition Clutch
Comes Complete WITH Lightened Flywheel!!
Smooth Engagement
425 Ft Lbs Torque Handling at the Wheels
Resistant Steelback Friction Disc
Uprated Clutch Cover Clamp Load

Kit Contents-
1 x Steelback Friction Disc
1 x Uprated Pull Cover Plate
1 x Lightened Billet Flywheel
1 x Pull Style Release Bearing
1 x Spigot Bearing
1 x Alignment Tool

£700 posted within the UK

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