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Seriously contemplating putting my beloved R33 GTR up for Sale due to other racing commitments...

project build here:-

this car, although Race & Track ready, passed an MOT and was run-in on the road prior to me using on the track

it has been professionally mapped by Rod bell of RB motorsport up to 1.5bar boost. I reckon that would put it around 570hp. 1.8-2bar (with new wastegate spring needed) would see 630hp ish
I only run it between 1.0 & 1.2bar of boost on track and very little gets past me...
it has just completed over 2 hours testing at Donnington this weekend and ran faultless (easily passed the drive by noise test of 98DB`s)

Running just 1.0bar of boost, running federal RSR road tyres, with passenger and low boost, you can see the car is quick....

With slicks, no passenger, the boost wound up, and some aero matched up, I would say this would be a very quick car indeed for racing in its class.

the only video I have of the day sorry....:- Hosaka @ Donington trackday Nov 2013 - YouTube

this actual car was the Japanese Time Attack winning car in its class.
it was imported by MGT racing and I bought it off them.
it has since gained a couple of unofficial (as I was a OHW) podium places in Time Attack against cars with a LOT more power and on better tyres. :chuckle:


Body has been fully stripped and lightened. complete car weighs in @ around 1,325kgs
has been seem welded in the crucial areas, i.e around strut tops and down chassis legs to body (i.e - a lot of work!!)
CF Boot lid with lock removed and help on by MSA catches now
Sideskirts - not sure of make but think they are 400R
Rear Diffuser - not fitted, can sell separately for £350 + P&P
GRP super lightweight doors with handles and locks
Full Lexan window kit with drivers slide and rear window vents
GRP Vented wings
CF bonnet - fully vented (slight damage as it is cracked but otherwise ok)
CF Cannards. flush fit
headlight deletion sections - flush fit with LED strip lights incorporated
rain light to rear
AVS lightweight, but super strong, wheels 18x10
newish Federal RSR tyres 285/30/18
AP racing brakes all round with pagid RS29 pads. fronts are fully floating type
uprated brake lines, cylinder and master stopper.
Single windscreen wiper conversion


Momo steering wheel with quick release boss
GRP with CF overlay custom dashboard
GPS data logger with DASH2 electronics and head display - fully programmable with dash mounted switch gear for all the functions - this set alone is worth over 2 grand
Racing Seats (in date for racing)
Alloy seat mounts - drivers side lowered.
Racing Harnesses (in date for racing)
fully stripped out
Alloy rear bulkhead
full MSA/FIA roll cage with extended extrusions through bulkhead to struts and rear cross member (cage alone was £2grand)
MSA/FIA approved Fire Extinguisher - both plumbed electric and manual versions available - with bonnet "Kill"
MSA/FIA approved electrical Kill system with bonnet "kill"
Red Top, lightweight Race battery
Push to Start engine button and toggle style "kill" switch


Twin in tank pumps (HKS I think)
Twin external race fuel pumps
RBM custom swirl pot
Race spec fuel lines and fittings
Fuel pressure regulator
880cc injectors

Apexi power FC - mapped by RB Motorsport


HKS pistons 86.5mm with brand new Rings
Tomei Rods - race spec (cost £1,300 new)
ARP bolts throughout
balanced crank with clutch & flywheel
ATI liquid filled race harmonic crank damper
N1 water & oil pumps
880cc injectors
GT35Rs Turbo with heatshield
6Boost manifold
TIAL wastegate - routed back into matching downpipe (for noise reasons)
Race spec oil cooler and HKS relocation kit. frount mounted for very ease of service. (never see temps above 115c)
Race spec intercooler
power steering cooler (works brilliantly)
Race spec sump baffle modification and oil pick up by RB. oil galleys opened up
Trust extended sump


PPG Dog box - (currently not fitted and can be sold separately for £3,900GBP)
OS Giken Race spec Quad plate clutch. (lovely to use this, not harsh at all)
Cusco 1.5way Limited slip Diff in the front
uprated diff in the transfer box along with extended housing for better cooling
race spec rear Diff, 1.5 way. cant remember make sorry.
slightly modified lever. (bit longer than standard)


Full rose jointed and centre of gravity altered lowering kit by Formula Ikeya
Full Formula Ikeya adjustable arms all round
Driftworsk Hi-Cas deletion kit - works fantastic. car handles very neutrally with this. no sudden oversteer.
Full custom "Black Art Design Silverstone" Coiloves. 4 way fully adjustable. ful race spec suspension this... very, very impressive stuff. most of the top end skylines in racing use this set up....worth every penny.


there are of course a few bits I need to point out, as the car is not perfect, so please don't be expecting a concourse condition car....

*the windows need a better fixing mod as they tend to pull out at speeds over 120MPH
*bonnet has some cracks it in due to it flying open once. it has been repaired
*front splitter is a bog standard jobby and looks a little untidy due to a hole in it for the towing eye.
*its fully stickered up - although I could be persuaded to remove these
* needs new straps for the front floating discs. there is a noticeable amount of peddle judder - but does not effect the braking in any way
*front passenger seat ideally needs to be lower for those over 6ft struggle to get in with the roll cage.
*interior paint job is not the best, but perfectly acceptable.

other than the above, she is great, looks fantastic and handles wonderfully...

it can easily be put back to road spec, if that's your thing.

there is loads more bits (too much to list really) on this car that I have either forgotten about or have been done by RB that I cant simply remember. I do know, if you were to build this car yourself, it would cost over 70k.

I am looking for offers around 28k - which considering what you get, is a bloody bargain !!!

if it does not sell by the beginning of the season next year, I will be breaking the car...which would be a total shame considering its history and the amount of work gone into it...:(

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some vids here....

watch from 6m.20s on for 1st vid. couple more to follow...

Oulton Park Nov 2013 - YouTube

car was running just 1bar of boost and on road tyres... guy was following in a 500hp 2.3 stroked, seriously modded Evo running on full slick tyres, just to give you an idea of how quick it is....

With semi or full slicks and 1.6 bar, this car is Silly Quick ! hahahah...
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