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Im putting a R33 GTR RB26 long block into an R32 GTR, at the moment im transferring the ancilliaries hot and cold side. I did a search and found info on the items that should be swapped to ensure they work with the R32 ecu

- water temp sender
- intake temp sender

Ive also found i need the R33 water hoses as the hose diameter on the R32 is smaller at the block connector.

In addition the stock oil cooler and oil filter block assembly the oil temp sender doesnt fit the 33, you need to swap the whole assembly oil assembly to the 32's one..which has made me think are they interchangeable?

I was wondering if its ok to use the front diff from the 33 on the 32? They seem to be the same ratio?

Also, the engine mount brackets i will be swapping just wondered if they were actually different or not between 32 and 33

Anything else that anyone knows needing swapped, to make it work?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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