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Hi All

I don't have time to strip what's left of my car so looking to sell it is a job lot!
It is a White 1995 R33 GTR Non V-Spec with log book.

I have already stripped a fair bit off the car and whats left is listed below.

Basically the shell which includes doors and all glass
Interior - Rear seats door panels and carpets are still there
Standard R33 GTR wheels - Tyres are not much good
Tein RA suspension (This from a R34 GTR)
Front / rear subframes
Propshaft and rear diff
Most of the electronics are still there
Petrol tank still in place but no fuel pump.

The Shell is not damaaged and in good condition as are the inner wings and front suspension turrets.

Brakes have been sold!
Bonet,Wings, Bootlid + spoiler and side skirts have gone
Engine and gearbox have gone
Front seats, dash and roof lining has gone
Front and rear lights have gone has have indicators

The front top and bottom braces / panels have been cut out these are the pieces that held the radiator, bonnet catch and bumper re-inforcement panel. I will get some pics later in the week when I can get in the garage

Thats all I can think of for now.

Priced to sell at £1k - I would have asked for more if I wanted to haggle the price down :D

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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