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i have TRUST DOMAX springs and 4 dampers they are TANABE SUSTECH DAMPERS they came from japan

This is TANABE Sustech Dumper for BCNR33 GTR.
Exclusive damper, which was developed to suite the low down suspensions.
Short stroke and short case was adopted of which is secured enough volume of stroke and lightening its weight.
The shortend Piston rod expertly controls re-bump by low down. The aimed line can be traced avoiding excess position change.
The movement of spring is always controled by the combination of low down suspension. High grade road holding and concerning efficiency can be displayed.
A ugged feeling by enclosing pressure was removed, and the reduction of loading secured the stability of driving.
It has been realized to lighten its weight and to shorten by 25mm in comparison with standard damper. Further, better looking and flexible driving will be offered.
The attenuating force became larger by about 40% in comparison with the standard damper. It always gives enough traction in the track or street, showing extremely natural driving and outstanding road holding.
We secured the equal quality of strokes (C) as that of standard, shortened the case to (B) by the improvement of inside structure because the rod was shortened (A) in comparison with standard shock absorbers.

if anyone wants them make me a offer
i have new hks ones fitted




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