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What is wrong with this picture, I have a modified r33 gtr vspec and my mate has a standard r33 gtr vspec. I drove his today, his is totally standard apart from backbox and filters. I took her around the block as he was saying that something was wrong with it. Here goes, The first thing I noticed was his r33 seemed to rev a bit faster than mine on idle, okay mine takes slightly longer.I dont know if i am just paranoid. Anyway I let her warm up a bit and gradually started opening her up. On accerleration it seemed that the turbo was coming in a little later but with a more firm kick but gradually started to tail off at 5000rpm, mine would continue to sing to approx 6600rpm without that much noticable lag but provide a more smoother delivery..(standard ceramics on his and nismo n1s on mine).

So then i asked him if he could follow me to a errrr a private road and see if he could keep up, no suprise i acceralted faster after i had gone a far distance in front all the way to 146mph(GPS readout) until the private road ran out. What I cant understand is when driving his he felt more responsive in the mid range.(he has 19" alloys).

My Known Spec

nismo fuel pump
hks cams
nismo n1 turbos
unknown aftermarket downpipes 3"
apexi titianium exhaust
17" bbs spilt rims
greddy external oil cooler
arc front mount
hks twin plate clutch
fwin race rad
NGK 8s plugs
blitz ecu with fcon sz
hks flters
hks evc5
tein coils set for track (hard)
The bottom end has been fettled with but need to confirm
abbey motorsport remapped and dynoed
cant remember the rest
running 1bar at the mo so the other half does'nt shout condition of ownership lol @415bhp due for another remap until my injectors and ear muffs arrive:)

Do lumps rev slower if the displacement has been increased ?

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