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In Top Marques this week.
Northumberland R33 V-spec metallic red.
360bhp 20,000 dry miles.
I think this used to be my car. If so....

I have no idea who it currently belongs to and have nothing to gain if they sell it.
I can verify the condition and mileage when I sold it.
I imported it with 1100 miles it was like new.
It was immaculate with 15000 miles on when I sold it last November/December.
Never ever thrashed or crashed.
Never did a track day.
It only has down pipes, dual dragger, HKS air filters and runs 1.0 bar it is as close to a standard car as you will find.
Abbey can give you an opinion on this car as they looked after it for me.
For £18995 it is a steal.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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