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Hi all, ive recently got the SuperForma R35 Coilpack conversion kit for my R33 GTR. All went in smoothly with no issues apart from one. Im not sure what to do with the ring terminals for the ground. The wireing harness they provided includes 2, the one which would typically sit under the ignition module and the other (attached to the coilpack plugs wire) which would normally sit under the last bolt at the back of the engine which holds the mounting bracket down. Are these still required to be fixed when using a R35 coilpack kit?

Ive looked at some guides online and either they dont mention the ring terminal grounds or dont show them but they dont give a difinative answer either way.

If anyone who has done a conversion let me know what to do with the ring terminal grounds or point me to a guide which covers them it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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