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never thought id be doing this but the cancer has come back and im back on chemo so to cut down on the stress im selling my gtr which ive owned since eartly 2012 and carried out all the work done to the car
its a 1996 low mils just under 40k
will come with full mot
forged engine hks head gasket
wossor pistons
pec rods
acl shells
nissmo oil pump
stage 1 hks cams gready pullys hks belt and clrar cover
red coil packs
hks fuel rail and 800cc ijectors
automove fuel pressure regulater
greedy twin top mount kit with tdo5s greedy waste gate
nissmo twin plate clutch
jazma ex system
tomie in tank pump
alloy rad
ark titaniam cooling panel
alloy washer/catch tank
tein bonnet rams
kansai strut brace
hks bovs
meister rs all round less than 500 miles)
rota gtrs fitted with rsr s (less than 500 miles)
apexi power fc and comander
dash blue carbon dipped
pop out dvd player
twin piller pod with taco and boost guages also shift light
wind defectors
kansai 4wd controller
yellow stuff pads front and rear front as bells and disks pads only done 250 miles
viper alarm
loads and loads of bills every thing ive spent on it
thers prob loads more buit as you can see ive spend a fair anoumt
there is no rust on the car its full undersealed
im gutted to have to sell but when needs must
getting it polished etc this week priced to sell
12,000 please no piss takers dont want a px unless its a cheaper m3
will try to get better pics but weather has been crap


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This will be gone in no time absolutely spotless car with a awesome spec and at a bargain price.


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cheers tibs you know how much cash and time went it to it gutted the cancer has come back and ill just not get to use or look after it the way i would like

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Sorry to hear that. Keep fighting it. My mum has had cancer twice and after keimo and radio she has been given the all clear a few years ago.
You car looks great, and a serious bargain with that spec and mileage. I'd have probably bought it off you a month ago had I not just got mine.
All the best

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Thank you Ed for a great car , hope you get well soon and get back into another gtr (35) this time buddy. Great seeing you again take care buddy
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