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R33 gts for sale

:D I have to sell my 1996 gts mspec11 as I have a new baby
and it is a tad too loud. Spec as follows: 27,000 miles, new tryes
etc. Over 336bhp over 170 mph 1/4 mile in 13.46 too. £2,000 of
stereo, remote start alarm, etc. Offers in the reigon of £ 12,999.

Please E-mail for full spec

Thanks ian

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Loud Baby

Surely you don't have to sell your beloved just because you have a loud baby!!!
I don't know much about these creatures myself but if he/she/it? gets a little out of its pram (if you'll excuse the phrase) strap him/her/it somewhere inside (preferably) to your motor , put your foot down on YOUR loud pedal (to compete) and you are bound to shut him/her/it up!!!! simple. The little B***er will be so frightened you won't hear a peep (maybe just a smelll!!!!!)
Problem solved
glad to be of service
don't tell your wife
.....and roll on the next mod
..................PS/ anythings possible with a Skyline
:D :D :D :D :D :D
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