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Reet well I've worn the Tshirt for a year and as of next year I most likely wont be in the country so time has come to sell the car *sobs*

Nissan Skyline R33GTS-t (stage1 mods and more)
1995 M reg

*just coming up to 97,000km so roughly 60,000miles
*recent jobs include:
*Timing belt (done 2000miles ago) and tensioner
*water pump
*Front brake discs, pads, bearings
*twin plate clutch OS Giken

*taxed till end of August2007 (8months left i think)

*just passed its MOT so thats done till Dec08



*Jasma Exhaust (really roars when opened up!)
*Apexi induction kit
*Trust turbo downpipe
*Decat pipe
*Tomei Fuel Regulator
*ngk sparkplugs, splitfire coilpacks all that stuff that nissan should really have put under the bonnet to start with!
*Apexi Power FC fitted and full remap by RB Motorsports (quote "they're really nice when they're like this" as Rod shot us through a B-road at speeds I would never dare and I sat pinned in the passenger seat with my eyes shut!)
*boost running at 0.8bar safely and happily :)
*Adjustable suspension (blitz spec I think)
*front and rear strut bars
*OS Giken Twin plate clutch and lightened flywheel

*Nismo front bumper
*Nismo side skirts
*Rays engineering 17inch wheels
*Bridgestone REO50 17inch tyres
17inch 255 on rear
17inch 235 on front
*Recaro bucket seat (driver) Recaro reclining seat (passenger)
*A-pillar pod gauges for boost and water temp.
*sony CD/MP3 head unit. 10disc cd changer in boot.
*momo steering wheel
*colour co-ordinated lights on gauges, dash (all blue pretty much!)

over 4k spent on it this year in mods, garage work and parts. I've never really hoofed this car (ask anyone on the local gtroc runouts I've been to - I'm always last hehehe!) as to be quite honest it scares the living daylights out of me (scare myself senseless as soon as it hits 90 which it does in 3rd gear anyhow)

My reason for selling is quite simply because I wanna complete my skydiving course, get my class A license and do more jumping (from planes!). I also wanna be working overseas and the car cant really follow me a. overseas or b. out of a plane on a parachute :)

Extra notes:
completely fantastic car. Its very stealthy and not overly modified (not a fan of huge kits n spoilers personally). Looks and sounds awesome - happy doing 2mph in traffic or err... 70mph (yes thats it 70mph) Never failed me yet. You all know what they're like and their reliability - this one is in mint condition and I've spent more on the bloody thing than I should have but at least someone who can actually drive can now put it through its paces properly lol!

I'm looking for £7,500 or nearest offer.
mobile number is 07890 163073 if you have any queries, concerns or think theres owt I missed out then gimme a shout

oh yes


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*siiiiggghhhhh* any other prospective monkeys - this wont work either...

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 10:16:31 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: enquiry............R33 GTS-t stage1

James Abel by name,I came across your R33 GTS-t stage1 for sale which i am interested in,and i am ready to purchase it immediately.But i would like to know the present status and it's cost price so that I can proceed further on with payment, for the shippment I have a reputable shipping. Awaiting your favourable reply.

anthony mcgrath wrote:

all the details (ie: present status and cost price) are in the listing

Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 05:43:24 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: urgent............R33 GTS-t stage1


Thanks for the mail. I really appreciate it. I'm presently on a business trip in Dallas, USA. I will like you to send me some pictures, as the add was sent to me by a friend, then we can proceed with this transaction. I'll also like you to give me your last offering price. Concerning the collection, my agent will come on ground for the pick-up as soon as the deal is done. I hope to hear from you soon.

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