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This may hurt some of you but I only ask because of the availability and cost of original parts. If it helps, I love my car but my 4 year old daughter, who absolutely loves the car too (she hugs and kisses the front of the car), refers to it as Mr.Rusty, much to my partners disgust. :chuckle:

My R33, like so many, has rusty rear arches and is in need of new rear quarter panels. Instead of original R33 rear QTRs, my mechanic hinted that another more common car had very similar rear panels, and that I could consider those. However, he wasn't able to remember what car it was.

So, what make and model car has the same Rear Quarter Panels that I could use instead of R33 originals?

Otherwise I am looking at around £1000 for new parts. Owch. :eek:


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