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r33 gtst with rb26 gtr engine track/drift car

due to certain things in my life i am selling my pride and joy :disappointed: i dont want to but needs must.
there is a tread on the bottom of my sig of the full build so you can see exactly what has been done to the car, in the link you will see the massive amount of good quality parts and the work that i have put into the car.

the car needs a few things to finish it but all the hard work is done, all it needs is windscreen wiper motor side and front indicators wiring up, then a bit paint work bodykit bonnet and boot, then a remap and its good to go.
obviously it does not have mot or tax but only above needed to get it through an mot


any questions you have ask but most answers will be in the thread,

spec -
R33 GTST -


Modified GTR sump
HKS Pistons 86mm
Eagle H Beam Rods
Calico Race Bearings
HKS Head Bolts
Cometic Head Gasket
HKS timing Belt
N1 Oil Pump
N1 Water Pump
Greddy TD06 25g turbo
Trust External Waste gate
Blitz back box custom centre section
trust down pipe
Greddy 2-1 intake splitter
Alloy large capacity rad
Front mount intercooler
S/steel washer/oil catch tank
Cusco rad cap
HKS Air filters

Drive train

OS Giken triple plate clutch
OS Giken 2 way dif


TEIN Coilovers
HICAS Lock out bar
Pillow bar tension rods
CUSCO strut brace
GTR rear strut brace
CUSCO 6 point Roll cage


Vented front and back discs
Silkolene race fluid


Drift bodykit came from japan with it on
Respray in diamond white
Engine bay gloss black
Interior matt black
White stone chipped underside of body


Recaro FIA approved drivers bucket seat
Recaro passenger seat
NISMO 320kph clocks
Greddy boost controller (needs solonoid)
HKS Boost gauge
Nardi steering wheel
Trust gear knob
Innovate LM1 wideband lambda sensor


Work 18 inch drift wheels, need refurb,all tyres brand new

im sure i have forgot lots of things

this car has to be worth more in bits but i can not bring myself to break it

£5000 i think thats a good price for the amount of parts on it

call me on 07916349465

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forgot to say it comes with hks 720cc injectors + standard and jun style bonnet + standard,

full build thread on skylineowners web site under r33 gtst rb26 drift/track car if you would like to see exactly what has gone into this car

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My number is 07916349465 pics and complete build thread on go to project section then r33 gtst rb26 drift track car, would put link up but on I phone at min

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Err no my daily driver civic type r has blown due to water getting into the engine, that's part of the reason I'm selling the skyline, the skyline runs fine

also need to add to list it had HKS cams

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i have had a few phone calls and same questions so i thought i would try and answer them on here

the car can be driven up the street buts thats it as its a new engine and does need mapping before anything else.

i can guarantee that all parts listed are on the car, most have pics on build thread to prove, the only one i am not 100% on is the OS Giken dif as i was told by the last owner that it was an OS item and i have never needed to remove the dif cover, but i can guarantee it is 2 way

the car came from japan with the gtr engine in and is on the log book as a gtr not a gtst, a friend of mine imported the car ran it at teeside a few times then one winter decided to strip it to turn it into a full on track car (as it had full road interior before) he then got a bit excited and stripped the engine aswell, there was nothing wrong with the engine but thought he would rebuild it to make it stronger and capable of running more power, but it sat in the corner of his garage for ages in bits, then he gave in and sold it to me

the engine was built by me, and on the thread on skylineowners club you can see what work i have done there are many pics of the work so i am not hiding anything what i have done is clear for anybody to see, i am NOT a pro builder and do not claim to be, this is the second rb i have built and the first is still going very well and i can give you the number of the person who owns it who would be happy to tell you about it.

i have been as honest as i can be, the car is a good car and has the potential to be amazing with not much more work/money, i do not need to sell the car but the extra money sitting in the bank would be nice at the min, the car is £5k and thats it i will NOT sell it any cheaper, if it does not sell then no problem i will get round to finishing it myself at some point then sell it for allot more

any other questions just ask, thanks
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