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Thought I would show my skyline to you guys. Still have my r32gtr but haven't had a chance to rebuild it or use it in the last 3 years.

So I got hold of this little gem to keep my skyline fix at bay.

I got it with it have no compression on number one and rebuilt it using all genuine bits. It a lovely car to drive. Not my Gtr in any terms but it will do. :)

Few little mods:
Turbo technics steel wheeled turbo. Slighty larger compressor wheel good for about 1.4 bar
3" exhaust system front to back.
R34gtt larger side mount intercooler
Greddy boost controller
K sport front brakes
Soon to be putting my r32 Gtr rear diff in
18 " alloys with r888
Kyb extreme suspension
Nismo body kit

Most of the bits have been robbed from my Gtr so I can enjoy some of the parts I have sitting around lol. Hope to do a track day soon to see what she can do.

Will also be going on the dyno soon to see what it makes. Want to go as far as I can on stock managemt, injectors and afm. Not going to go mad with it just want a reliable practical daily driver.

Will be sorting out the number plates soon don't worry ;)
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