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hi guys, i'm having a problem with my R33 motor running extremely rich at idle and cruising speed.. i wanted to see if there are any differenced in the ECU's between R33 GTR and Vspec model?

My ecu part # is 23710-24V01 MEC-R581 A1 8324

unless i wrote the V incorrectly instead of "U" i'll tripple check tomorrow.. ohh btw, i'm a newbie to this board but not the nissan community, here in the states its pretty difficult to dig up anything on skylines so any help is greatly appreciated!!! I bought the motor as any other used engine from Japan, so it may have come with a chipped ECU or possibly bigger injectors.. i'm going to get the injectors tested tomorrow to check their flow and try to borrow a stock R33 ECU to see if that solves the problem.. if not i'll post my troubleshooting steps i've taken over the past 2 weeks to try and resolve this matter.. just a quick note, i've ran everydiagnostic on every sensor. voltage and continuity.. all checks fine.. many tks again in advance!

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