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Hi all, not been on here in quite a while so thought id pop on and show you what I have done so far.

some pics of it before i started:

I quickly became bored of the power the 2 litre non turbo pushed out and couldnt sell the car for half of what I paid for it so decided on fitting an R33 RB25DET engine.

Pics of the engine / loom swap, and parts I've bought:

All of the work was being done by myself and my younger brother, we had finished building it up but were having electrical issues. so we bought an R33 GTS-T series 1 to strip for parts...

After we stripped the R33 we started stripping the inside of my car out:

After ripping the original loom out we put in the complete loom from the R33 and started putting it back together:

and thats it so far, we should have the rest of the electics sorted by the end of the week. tonight we wired in the indicators, brake lights and reverse light.

As for the current spec and parts I have:
R33 RB25DET engine
HKS GT3037s Turbo
Weisco forged pistons
N1 oil pump
Hard pipe kit
HKS exhaust (downpipe back)
HKS adjustable pulleys
Apexi power fc and commander
550cc injectors

I think thats all I have so far, just need to save a lil more to get the rest of the parts, con rods, bearings, cams, top mount etc.... $$$$ :bawling:

I know the way this build has been carried out is a bit :nervous: different to how others would have done it but hey its pretty unique.
My reason for choosing the RB25DET from an R33 rather than buying an R34 GTT engine and loom was because from what I've read the R33 engine is easier and cheaper to tune. More parts are available for this engine and there are lots more R33 owners than 34's so advice would be o'plenty.

Hope you like my thread and I'll post up more pics once more work has been carried out. :)
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