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I am writing this on behalf of a cousin.
This R34 Gtr Vspecii Nur for sale is the bride and Joy of a cousin which for family reasons have to sell it.
Its a 2002 model one of the only 750 and the color is Millennium Jade, the owner of the car as the owner of Trial Cyprus who had it as a perfect looked after example for the last 3-4 years. This car looks as clean as new, last year it was shown in a magazine from speednation tv which can be seen here :

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R x2 | Speed Nation

This car last year was tuned but we kept in mind that is a collective item and the only think we should tune was the engine so we dont change the original appearance, all this was done from a special visit from a spescial person who new very well skylines and this was the father of Trial Tuning Spirit Japan Mr Tomoji Nakamura who came especially for this car to Cyprus and have stayed for some months till the car was fully finished.
The main idea was response and the car to be drivable, so they didnt touched the bottom end cause the engine was almost new and they didnt want to touch that nice nur(n1) balanced engine, the head was done in perfection and the rest where bold on parts.

Some pictures and then i will write the specs.

Engine Power is 650hp at fly with 1.5bar and was build just 5000km ago.
In total the clocks have 72318km (almost 45000miles)


Engine build by Tomoji Nakamura of Trial Tuning Spirit Japan

Camshafts HKS Step 2 264dec

Retainers full kit HKS

Pulleys HKS

***932;urbo 2x Garrett GT2860R

Custom Front mount intercooler 60x30x10cm

Radiator Koyo


ECU Remap by X-Motorsport

Fuel pump Tomei

Injectors 700cc/min

Fuel rail and regulator HKS


Air filter panel Cosworth

***924;etal catalyst HJS 100cpsi

Full titanium exhaust 80mm from Trust

ORC 1000F triple disc clutch

Engine mounts by Nismo


Nismo S Tune


Front Discs are AP Racing


With Endless Pads

Rear brakes are the original Skyline R34 GT-R N1 with diameter 322mm


ORIGINAL R34 Skyline 9Jx18in with spacers 30mm


Mines Trunk Spoiler

I have only advertise the car only in the forum cause we would like first the members to have the chance and see the car first,if it doesnt sale then i will ad it in some other websites so all the best to the new buyer.
This is for only serious offers no time wasters please, i can make some more close up pictures for someone who is interested, also can be seen in Cyprus at anytime just let us know by Pm i can give you my mobile number.

Now to the best part ,the price this car by importing it to Cyprus the owner have payed the Cyprus import tax and registration which was 10000pounds so if a cypriot buy it then he is lucky cause is included. PRICE IS 44495 UK POUNDS.

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it is indeed no buyers yet though. its a one of a kind.
i wish i had the money and i would have it too.

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just to be clear with everyone cause i had a couple of phone calls and emails, the first who sends a deposit gets the car as well i don't want anyone to be disappointed but first pays first gets the car.
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