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Wasn't there a video feature on this shop recently? Possibly by Motive Video? I'm sure I've seen that shop somewhere, the Z-Tune was in a carcoon style bubble too. I can't see places with a Z-Tune, 400R and several Mines GTR's being too common... Lol
Yeah quite a few features are out there. 1320 Video did one too. Some pretty cool cars on the way from Japan, including the Midnight Purple Z-Tune and a HKS Zero R

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I was able to get my hands on these out of production Tein RS Circuit Masters. There are rare and are hard to acquire. The spring rates are F12K R10K with helper spring setup. Fully damper and rebound adjustable. The cool reservoir oil canisters look great. The shock cylinders are fully anodized aluminum in Tein green. The surface is textured with fine vertical striae for a more 'upmarket' feel. The strut tops are a bit weathered because they are 'used' afterall.

They will be overhauled and revalved in custom Racepace spec by Fulcrum in QLD who is the official Tein distributor in Australia. Custom Eibach springs and custom top hats will also be added. The Racepace suspension setup is proven on a number of competitive Targa and circuit cars.


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Ive decided to delete the Hicas system on my car when the Teins go in. Wasn't a big fan of the rear moving around when I was going around a corner at 140kph:chuckle:

Other aftermarket suspension components on the car include:

-Nismo Upper Circuit Link Set
-Nismo Sway bars (Front & Rear)
-Nismo Upper Link Set (Front & Rear)
-Nismo Tension Rod Set
-Mines Titanium Strut Brace

RacePace will add

-RacePace Hicas Delete Kit
-Tein RS Circuit Masters (Revalved with Custom Eibach Springs)

The Tein RS, aka 'Circuit Master; Super Racing Spec', has been out of production since 2006-2007. They were the top of the line in the Tein catalogue for production cars at that time. In some ways, I feel that the materials used and the way it was manufactured surpass what's commonly available today, even the premium priced shocks.

Details of the RS are listed below (sourced from US based forum in 2002)



45mm diameter pistons

Double shim stacks (near unlimited tunability with knowledge of shim valves)

Two 'special form' adjustment needles


Monotube shock body

53mm outer diameter

Aluminum alloy (A7050) seamless tube, CNC'ed, green (hard?) anodized

Inner tolerances:

diameter: ±5µm

roughness: ±1.6µm

Reservoir body interior is PTFE (Teflon) coated

CNC'ed aluminum alloy eyelet, Tein rubber bushing, steel pivot


14mm diameter

Chromoly (SCM435) steel, Ti-N coating


WRC spec


Aluminum alloy, CNC'ed, Powdercoated (gold)


Main and helper

Steel, ground and tapered, enameled

12K front, 10K rear


Aluminum alloy, forged and machined


-34mm front, -12mm rear (easier measured as 335mm both from the center of the wheel to the fender lip, front and rear)

10 clicks rebound front

10 clicks compression front

10 clicks rebound rear

13 clicks compression rear

Will post pictures of all components when the Teins have been finished:thumbsup:

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Quick update on things.

The car is currently at RacePace getting the coilovers and hicas lock bar fitted. Rebuild took a bit longer due to Christmas. Cant wait to get it back!

In the meantime I visited Japan with a good friend of mine (he owns the blue R34 GTR with HKS livery here in Aus) for Nismo Festival. It was my first time in Japan and wow! We visited Omori Factory and saw the Z-Tune P001 and all the Clubman Race Spec cars

Nismo Festival was the GTR and Fairlady Z 50th anniversary. Nismo brought all the GT500 cars, Hakosukas, Kenmeri's and even the actual R35 Nismo that did the 7:08 lap at the Nurburgring! We rented a R35 GTR and drove from Tokyo to Mt Fuji, spotting many other GTR's on the way.

we also visited Nissan HQ, Nissan Crossing in Ginza and Daikokufuto, where we saw a M-Spec Nur with a 2,8, Vcam and T51R setup!

Needless to say this has given me some motivation for my car:sneaky:




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