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R34 GTR Vspec (Vspec II Nür specification) - Bayside Blue - low mileage!

I am selling my beloved R34 GTR Vspec.

Please see all details about this great car in the description below.

R34 GTR Vspec - converted to Vspec II Nür specification in Japan!
Car always been dry stored in private garage
Power: 600+bhp
Torque: 600+ftlb
Mileage: 38.366kms genuine from new (consisting of 8.684kms on OEM Nissan speedometer plus 29.682kms on Nismo speedometer -both speedometers have always run on genuine kms, never on miles, no conversion done whatsoever!)
Year: 10/1999
Color: Bayside Blue metallic
Registration: German registration - fully road legal
MOT: German equivalent, so called 'TÜV' NEW in 04/2016 with no faults

Engine / Drivetrain / Cooling:
RB26DETT by Reinik / Reimax Motorsport
- Reinik Motorsport / Reimax oil pump
- N1 water pump - genuine Nissan item! (new)
- Nismo timing belt (new)
- Nissan idler pulley (new)
- Nissan tensioner pulley (new)
- Nissan tensioner spring (new)
- Nissan bolt and screw (new)
- Nissan cam cover gaskets (new)
- Nissan half moon gaskets (new)
- Nissan fuel filter (new)
- Nismo oil filter (new)
- Aftermarket camshafts (sup. to be HKS)
- Nismo oil catch tank system
- Trust GReddy oil cooler system incl. oil filter relocation
- Koyo Racing radiator
- Nismo radiator cap (new)
- Nismo engine oil cap (new)
- Splitfire coilpacks
- NGK BKR8EIX sparkplugs (new)
- Nismo Supercoppermix twin plate clutch
- Nismo flywheel
- Trust GReddy magnetic sump plug (new)

ECU / Fueling:
- Link G4 plug in standalone ECU - custom mapped by Richard Bell (new)
- Link G4 digital knock block (new)
- Link G4 boost control kit (new)
- Link G4 boost switch low/high (new)
- 7bar MAP-Sensor (new)
- Link launch control programmed (new)
- AEM UEGO wideband lambda system (new -connected to Link G4 ECU)
- HKS fuel pump
- Sard fuel pressure regulator
- DENSO 660cc injectors (new -fully and professionally overhauled by Richard Bell, cleaned, filters and gaskets changed, flow tested, flow rate tested at 700-720cc)

Turbos / Intake:
- HKS 2530 twin turbo kit
- HKS Racing Suction intake kit incl. hardpipes
- HKS Racing Suction intake filters yellow (new)
- MAF delete pipes (new -custom made by Richard Bell)
- Trust GReddy twin turbo hardpipe kit incl. heat wrapping
- Trust GReddy intercooler
- Trust GReddy intercooler piping
- Trust GReddy / Venom silicone hoses and couplers

- Full titanium exhaust system
- Ganador titanium cat back exhaust 2x 100mm tailpipe
- Ganador titanium decat pipe
- Titanium downpipes (custom made in Japan)
- Aftermarket exhaust manifold (sup. to be HKS)
- HKS turbo elbow
- Nissan OEM catalyzer available on request

- AP Racing 6-piston brake system front
- Endless Racing 4-piston brake system rear
- Cusco brake master cylinder stopper car specific (new)
- AP Racing brake balance regulator installed next to driver´s seat
- Gulf Competition RF1000 brake fluid (new)

Suspension / Rims / Wheels / Tyres:
- Öhlins PCV coilovers fully adjustable (40 settings in damping plus height)
- Öhlins adjusters front
- Öhlins adjusters rear
- Whiteline anti roll links front (new)
- Rays Volk TE37 rims 19x9.5 ET+12 black in Z-Tune offset (new -fully and professionally overhauled -these rims are extremely popular and sought after as they have been discontinued by Rays)
- Rays Volk TE37 center caps aluminum (new)
- Rays lugnuts incl. Locking nuts black (new)
- Rays aluminum valves black (new)
- Rays valve caps black (new)
- Rays Volk TE37 maintenance sticker blue (new)
- Toyo T1R high performance tires 265/35/19

- Nissan Vspec II Nür carbon bonnet/hood incl. NACA-duct -genuine Nissan item!
- Nismo R-Tune front bumper (extremely popular and sought after as this item has been discontinued by Nismo)
- Nismo side skirts
- Nismo rear bumper
- Nismo carbon B-pillar garnish (new)
- Nissan Vspec carbon rear diffusor
- Nissan Vspec II Nür emblem (installed in Japan during conversion)
- Reinik / Reimax Motorsport rear bumper exhaust heat shield
- HKS Kansai Service strut bar/tower bar (new)
- Titanium bonnet / hood stay by Zealou5 (new)
- Garage Defend carbon cooling panel full width (new)
- Carbon look engine covers clear coated (new)
- Nissan OEM BNR34 engine covers in red available on request
- Mine´s engine emblem (new -not available for regular sale from Mine´s or any other dealer, I have purchased this in person at Mine´s headquarter in Japan from CEO of Mine´s Japan Mr. Michizo Niikura himself!)
- Endless Racing brake reservoir cover (new)
- Nismo front indicators white
- Nismo side indicators white
- Nissan GTR front emblem of KPGC10 Skyline (new)
- Nissan GTR rear emblem on front wings x2
- Nissan tinted rear window
- Nissan xenon headlights
- Nissan windscreen wiper fluid reservoir cap (new)
- Nissan plastic clips (new)
- LED illumination for registration plate white (new)

Electronic / Interior:
- Nismo MFD incl. TV button
- Nismo MFD lap timer switch (new)
- Nismo carbon rear mirror cover (new)
- Nismo 320km/h full speedometer unit white (installed new at mileage of 8.684kms on OEM Nissan speedometer)
- Nismo GT500 shift knob (new)
- Nismo floor mats full set front and rear (new)
- Nismo portable LED light for installation on cigarette lighter position (new)
- Grid Japan Racing digital G-sensor (new -custom order from Grid Japan)
- AEM Uego wideband lambda gauge (new)
- Alpine headunit
- Aftermarket TV unit connected to Nismo MFD display
- Nissan R34 GTR keys x2
- Nissan central locking sender unit x1

General Maintenance:
- Full inspection in 2016 (new)
- Compression test in 2016 (new -all cylinders perfectly fine, between 11,5 and 12,0bar)
- Gulf Competition 10W60 fully synthetic esther based engine oil (oil change strictly 2x per season!) (new)
- Motul Racing coolant (new)
- Gulf Competition RF1000 brake fluid (new)
- Gulf Competition fully synthetic transmission oil (new)
- Gulf Competition fully synthetic front differential oil (new)
- Gulf Competition fully synthetic transfer case oil (new)
- Motul Racing fully synthetic rear differential oil (new)
- Nismo oil filter (new)
- Nissan fuel filter (new)
- Nissan pollen filter (new)
- Nissan shifter rubber boot (new)
- Nissan CV joint / axle boot (new)
- Varta Blue Dynamic battery (new)
- Fully undersealed using transparent sealing so no hidden rust (new)
- Cavity sealing / waxing for rust protection (new)

This car is in immaculate condition. It is running faultlessly and has never given any problems at all. Of course this is a 100% non-smoking car. The car has always been dry stored in a private garage throughout the year. I only ever drove the car on dry and sunny days, so it has not been driven in rain and/or snow at all. I´ve always had the car on so called season plates from April to October. This means I was allowed to drive it within that time only. From November to March the car has been off the road, sitting in its dry garage. Tire pressure has been raised accordingly and car moved forward and backward from time to time, pushing it by hand. Also a dehumidifier and a soft autopyjama made of thick cotton have been used. Car has always been hand washed. After washing it I´ve always dried it completely by hand. That includes opening the bonnet/hood, doors and boot/trunk. The car hardly shows any signs of wear. Even things like seat bolsters and MFD display are in perfect condition (see pictures). This car has been meticulously maintained. Money has never been a factor. No expense spared on it at all. Not by myself and also not by preowner. Only the best and big brand high quality parts have been used on this car -genuine and made in Japan! There´s not a single 'Nismo style' part on it whatsoever.

A lot of parts on the car are brand spanking new. Quite a few more can easily be described as new' since the car is showing genuine low mileage and is very well looked after.

All in all a fortune has been spent on this car - for maintenance and for high quality tasteful modification.

The car has been thoroughly custom mapped by Richard Bell who is regarded as one of the most experienced skyline tuners/mappers in european skyline scene. The mapping included all driving conditions including real load conditions (i.e. high speed runs on unlimited german motorway/autobahn). For that I had Richard fly over to Germany on my own expense. I have covered full cost of it.

Not only Richard Bell knows this car but also other very well-known longtime legends in the GTR-world who have seen this car in person and have confirmed its condition. Here´s an example of our cherished mate Mark at Abbey Motorsport (hope you don´t mind me quoting you mate) who said to me: "This is for sure one of the very best and cleanest R34 GTRs I have ever seen in 20 years of Skyline business!"

Keep in mind development of R34 GTR market. These cars are extremely stable in value. Prices have been rising constantly for the last couple of years. And further increase is very likely to happen. Especially with cars like this, being in very good condition, showing high quality modifications using genuine parts only plus coming in a popular color like Bayside blue metallic. Also excellent cars like this with genuine low mileage from new are becoming rare. In fact there are private people and car dealers already searching and buying cars like this to store them away and resell them at a later point with profit. Remember also that in a few years the US market will open for the R34 GTR and that´s where the prices will sky rocket. Especially if you own a GTR like this one, great condition, low mileage, fully Nismo equipped and in bayside blue metallic, certainly the most sought after combination -not only on US market.

Price = 79,000 EUR o.n.o

This car is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

If you are interested in the car and have any questions, please get in touch via PM on here. I can then pass my number on to you and we can go from there. Thank you.

Please note: I will happily reply to any serious inquiry and give further information if needed. However I can´t entertain time wasters, daydreamers and tire kickers. No offense taken please. I am sure you will understand. Thank you.


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