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I've been reading up on what I need for an oil cooler. I'll be using 10-AN fittings but I'm getting clashing info on the cooler core size that's required. The two kits I'm looking at are the Hel/Setrab and Mocal, both will include a thermostatic plate.

Oil Cooler - Nissan - R32 R33 R34 Skyline / S13 S14 S15 Silvia / Pulsar GTIR / 350Z 370Z - Oil Coolers & Kits - Cooling - Engine & Exhaust | JDM Garage UK - Nissan Specialists

Hel offer 13,16,19 and 25 row coolers but don't give any recommendations for size for the application|Model:Skyline&hash=item5d77cca2a3:g:dKQAAOSweExaCtAD

Mocal's listing includes a 10 row. As a rough guide they recommend a 13 row for applications upto 200hp. I'm currently circa 300hp but will be around 400hp by the time I'm finished.

I'll be mounting the cooler in the driver side wheel arch infront of the windscreen washer bottle. I'll be fabricating a duct for the Altia bumper to help with slightly better air flow.

Would it be the case of measuring up what room I have and order accordingly?
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