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Hi Guys,
due to the steady up-rating of my motor, I now have a few low milage parts for sale:
1. Full original exhaust system; down-pipes, cat or cat replacement pipe and twin tail pipe silencer. It is the complete system from turbo's to tail pipe. It looks new it has only done four thousand Japanese klics.
2. Blitz Nur spec V exhaust system; from down-pipes back includes the bung and cat or cat replacement pipe. This system has been on the car for ten thousand miles and is in brilliant condition no scrapes or dints.
3. Trust down-pipes. Four thousand miles only, perfect condition.
4.Original cams and pulleys. Cams boxed in Pon-Cam boxes, both the cams and pulleys look new they have covered fourteen thousand miles.
5. Factory ECU.
I have not yet sorted out prices but if anyone could advise me as to their worth I would be very grateful.
Regards All,
I can be reached at this address: [email protected]

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They're worth nothing...but I'll take them.
Dont talk rubbish.
The std 34 exhaust system will fit a 33 GTST as long as an extended de-cat is added, therefore being saleable for around the £120 mark, which is what i sold mine for, and the other system slightly more.
The other std parts in good condition would be handy for any modded car going back to std set up and so although not worth much, still a worthy for sale post.
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