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Hi guys :)
I have some trouble with my R34 GTT,
Was running fine untill this morning when i had to move it out of the shop
It was very hessitant to start, then sputted on what i would guess was 3/4 cylinders, then shut shut off.
After that i am only getting crank, no start. It had a tendency to start on 5 every so often, but would kick the 6th in 10 seconds later. What am I looking at here? There is no sputter to make me think it fires a single cylinder.
Coils and plugs checked for spark for troubleshooting the "sometimes start on 5", and all seems good. Am i looking at a MAF sensor defect?
Note; im running a piggyback ECU, as it is an auto. 660CC injectors, and about 390 BHP. I havent had it for long, but compression seems good.
Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting? I have no tester for the piggyback unfortunately, so i cant pull codes.
Kind regards from Denmark:bowdown1:
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