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So it seems my car is running a bit rich, when it last had its MOT the guy said the front O2 Sensor seemed to be tripping out which made it run rich. I've now took a sudden drop in my MPG... about 150/160 miles to the tank and thats not booting it!

So i'm wondering what i should do, get the Blatz diagnostic and determine exactly what the problem is... then replace the sensors if its them.

Or go for an Apexi Ecu... but which one? I've noticed a few getting sold so i'm wanting to know if this could be all i need or am i looking at more parts if i'm looking to get it tuned.

for info the cars a R34 Gtr V Spec, Uk car
Its got a ECU upgrade
Stage 1 Mods (Panel filter, HKS Exhaust, Coil Pack)
GTR.Co.Uk Twin Turbo Pipe

Any help is very much appreciated!
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