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I'm at that point again! You know when everthing is standard the cars run in and you can still smell the CAT after a jolly good thrashing (and brakes)!

Right to make this easier to reply to let me tell you what I am going to do then you can tell me what else you think would be appropriate, here goes:

Blitz intake
Trust down pipe plus non cat plus Trust exhaust
EVC Boost controller 1 bar with 1.2 scramble
Abbey chip and AFR's (to take away 155mph limit and get fueling right)

Trust or HKS Intercooler
UK car so Oil cooler standard.
Ap customer clutch plate combined with Nismo Paddel
AP Six pots
Rear hybrid 289mm disc's with standard calipers
Adjusted brake bias
Hard Pipes
Turbo exit extentions
Trust springs
256 Cams
Metal head gasket

Now the bit you can help me with:

600 cc injectors?
uprated fuel pump?
uprated oil pump?
I may also put titanium hybrids in the turbo's so as scramble will be 1.4bar??
Any other suggestions without going to 2.8 spec?


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Don't get me wrong here...there is nothing wrong with the mentioned products, but don't you agree with me that everybody seems to use the biggest companies all the time?? I can understand that its hard for people to get parts in the uk so there isn't much choice, but if you have ever compared say an hks or trust exhaust system to say a Mines or Ganador you will know exactly what I mean. Or take a hks or blitz I/C and compare it to a ARC I/C....

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Mine's stuff

I did a lot of research before choosing parts for Godzilla and decided that response and low and mid range torque were more important than peak horsepower. There are any number of GT-R videos showing "Tsukuba Track Battles" and anytime a Mine's car was entered, it won. Hence I chose to follow the Mine's route regarding cams, head gasket, injectors, VX-Rom, super outlet pro, etc. They also use the best of other manufacturers parts, eg HKS.
Speak to Shin at Prospec, who is going to start bringing in Mine's parts.
BTW before any of you smarty-pants say anything regarding Godzillas legendary lack of reliability, none of her rebuilds were due to Mine's tuning!;)
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