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The prices of R34 body panels have inflated astronomically over the past two years or so, along with the prices of the cars themselves. The carbon diffusers that come stock on the rear of a V-Spec II are actually still available for sale, new...for upwards of ¥700,000/~$6.5k USD. I had been wanting one for awhile and made a habit of browsing Yahoo for for damaged ones, but even in poor condition I had been seeing them advertised for around $2.5k USD.
Finally though, at the end of last year,Trust Keikaku had listed this one for a much more reasonable price (still rather expensive for a piece of material of questionable function that cannot be ridden, eaten or slept with, but I digress):

<- no kidding

It had obviously been painted and damaged but looked salvageable, so I rented a truck, picked it up and brought it home.

The first thing I did was start tearing into the thick, glossy paint that was all over the bottom. It looked like it had been properly sprayed with a gun with several heavy coats of clear, by someone who really wanted to hide the UV discoloration in the carbon. It wasn't beautiful but I appreciated it having been put there as it had pretty well preserved the carbon underneath.

The tow hook side looked like it had been run over. The bit that was hanging off in the Trust Keikaku advertisement had completely snapped off by the time I got it home and there was also a big stress fracture in the remaining piece. The plastic borders on that side had all been squashed and warped a little.

It wasn't too difficult to fix. I cut the fractured part completely open, put clear tape over the split and clamped it down to a thick piece of aluminium to keep it straight.

Then I injected a heavy epoxy into the crack. I did the same thing with the piece that had been cracked off, and I used carbon reinforced body filler to shape the area around the tow hook.

I was able to get the plastic border back into shape by removing the pop rivets around where it was distorted, working over the area with a heat gun to soften the plastic, bending it back slowly and putting new rivets in.

I sanded around the repair and reinforced the area with several layers of carbon fiber.


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(The carbon reinforced area from underneath, painted black to match the rest of the underside.)


(Finished with 6 or so coats of matte clear.)

This diffuser had come with some Hasemi Motorsports fins but they were pretty badly cracked and twisted, so I started browsing auction sites to see if I could find some fins. These were on Ebay for about $150.

They're (mostly) made of real carbon. I finished them in the same matte clear as the diffuser.

The outer blades are a little short, and that's either to accommodate a Nismo rear valance or it's because "wtf do you expect for $150".

Then it was time to set about figuring out how to mount it to my car. I brought it to my local shop in southern Ibaraki, and after some weeks of deliberation...

Shyamalan Twist Ending:

Probably more to come soon. Thanks for reading!
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