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hi for sale my mines ecu for r34 gtt got this from japdino on ebay about a week a go and i'm gutted but wont work on my triptronic box so its up for sale here the spec fropm the add i paid £400 with shipping would like somewhere near that back or my swap for shinny things lol

JDM Mines VX Rom Stage1 ECU

Removed from a ER34 GTT
R34 RB25det NEO6 Manual

Tuned for:
Boost up
rev up +500
Intake filter
All limiters removed


1、Eliminate 180km top speed limiter
2、Shift rev limiter timing
3、Eliminate boost limiter
4、Modification of fuel correction map and Ignition map
5、Change quorum (k)
6、Change lattice of the map (RPM, injection time)
7、Modify every correction points
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