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Took me 4 days doing a corner a day (~3hrs per day) but I finally fitted the AP Racing discs and EBC Orange pads (I like them). Bedded them in today and looking forward to Snetterton next week to see how they perform compared to the DBA fronts and stock rears that I've just taken off.

In case anyone is interested:

Torque Settings:
Wheel Nuts including McGard = 132 Nm
Disc to Bell Bolts = 6.5 Nm, turn another 30 degrees and then check that they are between 10 to 15 Nm
Calliper Bolts - Front calliper to wheel hub 2 Large bolts = 100 Nm
Calliper Bolts - Front calliper to wheel hub 1 small bolt = 25 Nm
Calliper Bolts - Front calliper Pad Tie Rods: 2 bolts = 30 Nm
Calliper Bolts - Rear calliper to wheel hub: 2 large bolts = 78.5 Nm

WD 40
Copper Slip
Sockets; Disc to bell 2 * 8mm, calliper 12mm & 13mm and wheels 21mm
Torque wrench(s) 6.5 Nm to 132 Nm
10mm hex/Allen key to remove front and rear callipers
Hammer and punch to remove pad retaining rods
Degreaser, wire brush and emery cloth to clean hub and bell contact surfaces
Syringe and container to remove excess brake fluid.
Trolley jack and suitable fitting to jacking point.

Total cost was about £1600 for discs and pads. The experience was priceless (Didn't realise the rears have a brake drum and shoes for the hand brake)


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