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Sep 2009 Nissan GTR Black Edition Kuro Black Has the UK Nav
27150miles (it's been with KGR Customs since lockdown)
£37000 (offers welcome)
Owned Since New
Location: Glasgow
MOT 15 Nov 2020

Reason for Sale: Over past 3.5 years i’ve been in and out of hospitals and car has hardly been used (friends have taken it for drives for me) and going forward probably won’t get many more miles on the clock. Wife won’t drive it, hates being a passenger, and we now have dogs. So the plan is to replace it with an A45 or RS3. My plan was to keep the car forever and i do love it, but life doesn’t always work out.

I hope to sell in the next 2 weeks or i’ll trade it in.

All paperwork / receipts and various bits of memorabilia from the launch etc. Even tax discs (remember those). We were supposed to move house in March and everything got put in storage, but we’re still waiting to move.. I’ll get the paperwork etc this week from storage.

Stage 4 by SVM so has the intake holes in bumper.
Ecutek tuned to 650bhp. Ecuktek dongle etc included.
Litchfield Suspension*
Litchfield Alcon big brake kit £11.5k IIRC*
*Fitted at Litchfield
DSC Suspension controller (brilliant mod and best £1k i spent on the car)
Focal dual monitor and berylium speakers and JL Sub with sound proofing
Laser Interceptor ‘Parking Sensors’
Rear camera
4 light conversion
Andy's Folding Mirror Module (folds when the car is locked)
C-Tek comfort connection
Milltek Exhaust System
2 Keys (one has missing GTR emblem)
All delivery books and handbooks.

GTR DocsDateMileage
Kay's Garage MOT15/11/201927074
Kay's Garage MOT16/11/201826248
Nobles Service & MOT26/10/20172598984 month G1 serviceoil, brake fluid, Brake pipe
Kay's Garage MOT22/10/201624596
Nobles Service & MOT30/10/20152240666/ 72 Month serviceABS Pump / Control Module / Brake oil change / gearbox oil
Ecotune Dyno Logs12/07/2015653hp / 632 ft/lbs
Nobles Service & MOT22/09/20141933754 / 60 month service
Nobles Service27/09/20131698642/ 48 month servicesteering lock / front brake pads
Kay's Garage MOT20/09/201316853
Nobles Service & MOT22/09/20121312436 month service
Nobles Service30/03/20121096130 month servicenew tyres
Nobles Service28/10/2011968424 month service
Nobles Service19/04/2011743818 month servicetrans oil
Nobles Service08/10/2010586812 month service
Nobles service06/03/201037156 month service

GTR Helmet
Car Cover

Motul Oil / Gearbox oil
TPMS Sensors
RFT Tyres
Original Y Pipe
Unused New Carbon Splitter
Plus anything else i can find!

Other point:
Steering lock recall done under warranty..
Never launched
ABS sensor failed and was replaced by Nobles.

Bad points:
Paint has been protected a few months ago by KGR Customs but it’s 10 year old Kuro Black so there’s plenty of blemishes. Major one: while i was last in hospital a friend was looking after it and his bin lid flew open and caused a scratch on the bonnet. If i was keeping car i’d replace bonnet with a carbon one from Matt at Garage-R
Keyless entry/start not working. I will look into this as this started when the battery went flat during lockdown.
The left door speaker needs wiring look at as it crackles on occasion.

Was serviced at Nobles until my health issues with gearbox oil changes and oil changes until recently when it’s just had local oil changes (it's not been driven hard or far). All paperwork intact but you can check with David Noble or Darren at Nobles as they know the car well.

Any questions please ask.

Here's the most recent photo. But come see in person.

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Sad to hear mate, sounds like lovely well kept car, keep on keeping on, all the best.
Thanks. I'm alive (shouldn't really be!) and enjoying my time more so than ever. Some people don't get the chance even if i'm not fit for a lot of things. So won't complain :)

Was hard selling my 306 Gti-6.last year before my last op. I was 2nd owner with 40k on the clock but this is even harder. But saves my wife having to do it!

I keep my cars a long time (i'm 46 and this was my 5th car!) so they get treated well mechanically (eg i take it out of drive when stopped at lights) as i buy with the intention of keeping. My X540D is 10 years old in a few months and it's going nowhere (figuratively). I just drove up and down to London for scan in one day and it was the ideal tool for the job - drove through the thunderstorms.

If things were different i would have gone down the John Hanton / Buzzy Singh route (well maybe not as far - but 1000bhp would have been nice :) )

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Sounds like a nice car. Can't be many 1 owner early cars left with low mileage. Good luck with the sale and keep well 👊

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Lovely car, well worth the asking price. Hope it goes to a good home, and all the best health wise (y)
Thanks - got a few people interested. Hoping it goes to someone from here before i have to take my chances with Autotrader! :)

I've updated the info in the advert with dates of servicing etc.

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This is a cracking car being sold by a genuine guy. Good luck with sale
Thanks Derek. Sorry I've not gotten up to see you at whatever beast you're driving these days.

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Photos added - motivated seller. Getting lots of traders calling. Would rather it went to someone without the trader mark up. Reduced to £29,990 as we're moving house soon.
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