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ACspeedtech are proud to promote KW, Eibach, HEL and Motul as our brands of choice when offering chassis upgrades the R35 GTR owners.


Eibach Pro Spring Kits have been developed for a lower ride height, lower centre of gravity and flatter cornering. They lower the vehicle for a more aggressive ride height, reducing body roll and for flatter more predictable cornering.
Front Drop: -20mm
Rear Drop: -15mm
ACspeedtech recommend these for much improving the handling characteristics of the GTR under road use. More progressive than the factory items, they give much improved driving manners on the motorway over small undulations giving a less crashy ride. Yet when pushed through the corners, they support the body more, giving a firmer, more controlled and more predictable driving experience. RRP £255
Please contact for a GREAT package price with fitting and ACspeedtech full laser geometry setup.


KW Suspension adjustable lowering spring kit for Nissan R35 GT-R. This sleeve coilover kit works with the factory shocks and mounts. Adjustable lowering from 0 to 30mm. Stiffer springs for better handling and cornering. Spring Rates: Front 800lbs/363kg, Rear 460lbs/209kg
ACspeedtech HIGHLY recommend the KW sleeve coilover conversion kit for fast road and track use, it is a personal favourite of ours!!! From factory, the 3 damper settings are actually not very different, however with the KW kit, all 3 are very different.
In 'comfort' mode it is actually softer and comfier than factory 'comfort' mode.
The 'normal' mode is a hint firmer, but much less crashy and has improved roadholding/traction and body control.
In 'R' mode, much firmer than factory 'R' mode, but MUCH better roadholding/traction, MUCH less crashier than factory, MUCH better body control! RRP £906
Please contact for a GREAT package price with fitting and ACspeedtech full laser geometry setup.


The Eibach anti-roll kit features a hollow, tubular construction from cold formed, high strength aircraft-grade steel and finished in a red powder coating. The hollow construction means that there is no weight penalty in having a thicker, stronger roll-bar. Eibach Anti Roll bars reduce body roll through increased design stiffness over stock bars. The result: increased handling and cornering grip in any performance-driving situation.
ACspeedtech recommend these primarily for track use and to allow fine tuning of the handling characteristics over the factory set-up due to the adjustability of these upgraded roll bars. RRP £560
Please contact for a GREAT package price including fitting and setup.


These braided brake lines will make braking feel smoother and stronger. That 'spongy' brake feeling will be eliminated, making your brakes crisp, responsive and with much better 'feel' to the pedal. ACspeedtech recommend these for ALL R35 GTR cars, combine with the MOTUL RBF660 Brake fluid for a great upgrade! 1x(set) brake lines RRP £90
Please contact us for a package price including fitting and bleeding up with MOTUL RBF660 Brake fluid.
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