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We have many options available of Cusco D1 roll cages for R35 GTR.
Very light, made of chrome moly, comes with fitting kit. Very easy to install.
Some of them allow you to leave rear seat, for others rear seats have to be taken off.

All available from stock, for quick delivery.

They are finished in red ( custom finish ) to match black edition interior.

Prices depend of option you need, but we stock 4, 5, 7, 9 pt. cages, with or wothout additional cross bar. Please PM us for quote.

Please remember, we can supply from stock, bucket seats ( Bride, Cusco, Takata ) with side air bag cancellers, and Takata harness. Also, we offer full support, during installation, as we fitted over 10 cages for R35 GTR in last year.

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