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Full Fluid Servicing & Maintenance from CPR

Car Planet LTD was one of the first Japanese Car Importers to import and sell the Nissan R35 GTR, with the first GTR arriving at our showroom in late 2007. We have sold over 40 Import R35 GTR's, and have offered a high-class servicing package to our customers ever since first receiving the car into the country.

Having been one of the first tuners/importers to work on the car here in the UK, we are one of the most experienced GTR Servicing Specialists in Europe, and have developed our knowledge of the level of detail required when maintaining the car.

We have worked with many Oil manufacturers during our research into our Servicing Program, where our own personal GTR's were ran for 4,000 miles in Road and Track Application back in Early 2008, where regular oil analysis between ourselves and our chosen oil manufacturers were performed to gain a thorough understanding of how the oils were being used in the car.

Engine Oil.

We exclusively use a Fully Synthetic Engine Oil from Millers Motorsport, whom we have been working with for over 5 years, for road and motorsport application.

Millers Oils have offered us fantastic support and expertise in engine oil recommendation, having regularly analysed used Engine Oils from the GTR.

Having a strong expertise in Motorsport/Racing Application (and sponsoring our Racing Team), our range of Millers Oils are developed and suited to Fast Road and High Performance Application.

Transmission Fluid.

Having been one of the first UK Tuners/Importers to run the GTR on the road/track, we were the first tuner to tackle the quest in finding the optimum fluid for the Transmission to suit High Performance Use. We spoke to many different manufacturers of Wet Type Clutch Transmission Fluids, and one company stood out from the crowd with their experience and knowledge of these types of fluids. We were the first UK Tuner to approach Pentosin to discuss the use of a Transmission Fluid, to support high performance wet type clutch transmission. Pentosin are a leader in high performance transmission fluid to Porsche, VW and BMW, and were very helpful in working with us to decide upon the optimum fluid that they offered for the GTR. Pentosin are also Borg Warner's European recommended Oil/Fluid Manufacturer, which lead us to believe they would be able to suggest a fluid to suit the GR6 Transmission in the Nissan GTR

We sent away many different samples of the original Nissan Transmission Fluid, at varying mileage and types of driving (fast road and track basis), with their analysis, ran by Dr Edgar Steigerwald, concluding that the Nissan fluid was showing high metallic (iron) content when drained after 1500 miles. Wear rate was expected to be high, which encouraged us further to find a superior fluid to offer better protection, to which Pentosin offered us the FFL-4 Fluid to try in one of our own cars for 1500 miles.

We ran our test car in fast road and light track application, and then drained the oil for Pentosin to compare the wear characteristics between the FFL4, and a Nissan Fluid studied at 1500 miles. The report showed that the FFL-4 compared to the Nissan Fluid, showed massive reduction in metallic content, and less signs of oxidization in the FFL-4, concluding our research into an uprated aftermarket transmission fluid to support UK R35 GTR Owners using their car in Fast Road and Track Application.

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Our Engine Oil Service Includes;

  • Nissan Oil Filter & Sump Plug Washer

Price: £109.00 + VAT

Our Transmission Fluid Service Includes;
  • Pentosin FFL-4 Transmission Fluid Swap

Price: £459.00 + VAT

Our Full Fluid Service Includes;
  • Engine Oil Service
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Full Vehicle Inspection with 52 Point Report

Price: £595.00 + VAT

Please contact us to arrange an appointment
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