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We would like to share pictures of customer car that we finished this week.

It's MY13 EDM, with nice carbon pieces from Mine's and Tommy Kaira, and lighting accessories from Tommy Kaira.

Mine's mooncraft technology carbon fiber front grill, and Tommy Kaira led front emblem - now in stock

Tommy Kaira led smoked and clear version side markes - in stock

Mine's carbon fiber bonnet vents - in stock

Tommy Kaira side vents and finishers - in stock

Tommy Kaira carbon handles - in stock

Mine's carbon mirrors covers - in stock

Tommy Kaira - LED rear side markers - in stock

Tommy Kaira - LED rear emblem - in stock

Tommy Kaira - rear wing spoiler ( type 2 ) with carbon trunk spoiler - in stock

Tommy Kaira - intelligence regular spec exhaust in stock

RAYS TE37 Ultra 10x20" and 11x20" wheels - in stock ( available in Bronze and rear Dark Gold colour )

I hope you like it. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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