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This is a DRY CARBON bonnet in a GLOSS FINISH as standard. MATT finish is optional.

The carbon weave is 100% spot on! As with all Knight-Racer GTR Hybrid Carbon parts, they are 100% TRUE UV protection so upon unwrapping, the gel coat resin appears a tint of blue which once activated in sunlight for 7-10 days will become crystal clear.

100% real carbon fibre construction, you can see this in ADDITIONAL IMAGES which shows close up photos of the top and underside of the bonnet.

With all the vents in the bonnet the engine bay is running significantly cooler, but look closely and you can see that the main centre vent as underside ventilation tunnels which directs cool air into the turbo areas just like the stock naca ducts.

Even the carbon weave on the underside is beautifully laid and is pattern is absolutely spot on.

Weight is approx 6-7kg ONLY!

You rarely get to see the actual product up close in photos and extremely rare to see the underside of the bonnet. This is because regular carbon bonnets are mostly FRP inside and underneath. We like to display this in particular as it shows that our bonnets are 100% real Carbon FIbre with no FRP backing required hence the extreme weight saving and strength of the real carbon fibre.


Priced £2000

Nissan R35 GTR KR GT1 Full Dry Carbon Bonnet
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