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Unfortunately the next steps are probably something like this....

...go to another Nissan dealer, find another equally unhelpful person who will take some photos of the car and say that they'll send them off to Nissan.....and then during several follow up calls where you chase for an update you'll be lied to, fobbed off, and several weeks later find out that they didn't actually send them off anyway because their employee that deals with warranty paintwork doesn't think that Nissan would ever uphold the claim...

....then get more disheartened with Nissan, but go to another dealer to be told that it would be covered under the 12 year warranty, but because you haven't got a full Nissan service history with the paint checks stamped up, that Nissan won't uphold the claim. They'll say that they'll sent the photos off to Nissan, but you wait so long for a call that you just bite the bullet, go and get some quotes and pay for it yourself...

...or you could just go to Middlehursts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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