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I want to raise the rev limiter on my car to about 9200RPM by using the Apex Power FC. and i have the following odes on the engine:

HKS T04R Turbo kit
HKS Sequential Blow of valve (To be replaced with Greedy Type R)
HKS 280 Camshaft In, Ex
HKS Lower Comp Metal Head gaskit
HKS Valve train kit
HKS Twin Fuel pump
Ported &polished head
Tomi Fuel line
1000cc Injectors
JE forged pistons
Crower forged rods
Apexi (Hipusa) exhaust system
Apexi Oil catch can
Greddy Racing FMIC
Greddy oil cooler
Greddy pulley kit
Greddy Intake System
Upgraded MAFx2

4 Rows Aluminum Radiator
O.E ECU (modified by a Japanese company)

What else do you recommends to rev the engine to 9200RPM safely, and what do you think about the HKS crank damper pulley.

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Red Poison

Nice list of mods.
I would take your car to a Garage with a Dyno(Abbey have a good one).Have them check everything out and then make sure that the combined package is making power at 9,200rpm which I`m sure it will.

These Big Power engines have to be spot on,"its not how long will they last , it`s when will they break "

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