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Just looking to clear out the shed. Keep in mind everything is used and located in Canada. Everything is “or best offer”. I’m merely trying to make space.

HKS GD Max Twin Plate Clutch -Was starting to slip when I removed from the car and saw that the first disc was worn, and second disc is still quite good. Previous owner in Japan must have rode the clutch as there are burn marks on both pressure plates, but no signs of abrasion or pitting. Release bearing is showing signs of wear. The clutch IS a Pull-Type clutch. The replacement discs are still available online: $800 USD OBO.

BNR32 Starter (x2) - 1 is almost brand new and the other is well used. Both work fine, as previous owner was chasing an electrical issue thinking it was the starter:
$140 USD for clean one, and $100 USD for dirty one, OBO.

BNR32 Polished “Twin Turbo” Hardpipe Inlet Pipes:
$100 USD OBO

BNR32 Dual Maf Setup w. Apex’I Couplers& Filters - Working perfectly fine and replaced for a MAP system:
$300 USD OBO.

BNR32 Full Air Conditioning System w. Condenser and Fan (not shown) - Removed in working order when the car was modified for big power:
$800 USD OBO.

BNR32 As New Thermostat and lightly used (3000km) Fuel Pump:
$100 USD OBO for both.

BNR32 OEM Pistons in Excellent Shape - No chipping, scarring or markings. Ran rich, and removed for CP Carrillo’s. Held excellent compression.
$300 USD OBO.

BNR32 KSROM ECU - Removed in good working order. Tuned for stock injectors w. Exhaust and filters.
$100 USD OBO.

BNR32 Stock Injectors - No Fouling or Clogging when removed and hold a good OHM Impedance.
$150 USD OBO.

BNR32 Charcoal Canister - Works Well:
$50 USD OBO.

All items can be shipped internationally at buyers expense. Happy to take more photos/videos for interested parties. All prices are OBO so if I’m way off the mark on prices on any of them, please feel free to let me know, thank you!


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