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selling some of my mostly rare; collection of games ,to buy 32gtr parts. most of these games have been kept boxed away for a few years so they are still mint.

i would also swap with either games: kendo battle 2 jap ps2, gran turismo 4 *jap version* ps2, any intial D for jap ps2, other similar drift battle games on ps2. chipped playstation 1 - or playstation 1 new lazer unit. gamecube mario/smash bros/metroid 1/2/zelda, fzero, resident evil 1 or 4, either jap or usa versions. ridge racer 5 jap ps2.

all cd games boxed + instructions. cartridge games with description.

rarest item for sale, zelda multiscreen from game+watch series, bought 15yrs ago. unboxed but good condition.:eek:

you will need a chipped playstation to play usa and jap games, or console for that region [games are originals]

playstation 1 games:

legend of mana - usa
twisted metal 4 -usa
jumping flash 2 [uk rental box]
ace combat [uk rental box]

below squaresoft playstation games:
final fantasy tactics-usa
brave fencer musashi-usa
parasite eve-usa
final fantasy 7 boxset ic ltd ed memeory card-uk [rare and mint - never used]
final fantasy 7 international -jap[rare 4 disk version]
final fantasy 8 - uk
saga frontier 2- usa [RPG game]

konami mixing deck [for beatmania game+ similar]
worlds scariest police chases -uk [like the tv show]

playstation 2 games:

onimusha - jap [features uncensored scenes unlike uk/usa version]
devil may cry + ltd jap ed music cd "dante's selection"- jap
metal slug 3 -jap
capcom vs snk 2 -jap
gradius 3 + gradius 4 doublepack -jap


ferrari 355 - jap
resident evil 3 -uk
soul caliber - uk

sega saturn:vamprire hunter - jap [new- opened but never played as never got round to buying a console]

neo geo pocket-

uk neo pocket colour version console
sonic - uk
king of fighters-uk
pacman - uk
metal slug 1st mission-uk

neo pocket flash cartridge + neo pocket linker hardware upload data transfer device. load games from your pc onto the flash cartridge, very rare device indeed.:popcorn:

game boy colour:

zelda dx -uk
warioland 3-uk

super nintendo [snes]

unboxed american super nintendo console+ cables + control pad
universal country converter - plug american game in the back, play jap games by plugging jap cartridge in the front socket
rushing beat, boxed + instructions -jap [rare, game like final fight]
final fantasy 3 boxed! -usa[very rare game]:eek:
secret of mana boxed usa:eek:
zombies ate my neighbours usa boxed
double dragon usa [version like final fight, 2player]
the chaos engine boxed uk
gradius 3- just cart usa
super castlevania iv -cart usa
super smash tv -cart usa
tiny toons busta loose -usa cart
zelda link to the past! - cart usa:eek:
streetfighter 2 turbo -cart usa


grand theft auto 3
unreal tournament 2k3
hitman codename 47
midnite club 2

3do : return fire [one of the few excellent 3do games]

steering wheel and peddles, multifit plugs- fits ps2/xbox/gamecube

probably a load more to add when i find them........

pm for prices of what your interested in.........

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secret of mana,price pls!!!!! love that game. also FF3 price PLs
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