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hello all,

got a Greddy Type-R bov for sale,

this is essentially a BOV for a race car, its a no nonsense style and has a huge diaphragm to handle large boost pressures,

the size and look of the thing demonstrates this is not your usually pretty noise machine!

When i got it someone has cut the nose off for some reason so i had a fabricator friend of mine weld a stock length part back on and dress the welds,

had it bead blasted at the same time and reknewed any parts that needed replacing, the picture shows the decal missing but that was before i put it back on, i assure you its there :)

its an atmospheric bov but if you wanted to rethread the nose you could put a recirc on it (or jubiliee clip the adapter in place with a silicone hose)

sorry for the awful photographs, im an engineer, not a photographer :p

after 100 plus postage :)
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